Work Packages

WP1: Real emission using remote sensing 

WP1 is focused on the measurement and subsequent analysis of real-world vehicle emissions using Remote Sensing (RS) technology provided by Ricardo and OPUS RSE (RS Europe) monitoring equipment. Output from this work package will be the real-world emission factors (RD-EF1) for cars, taxis and buses from remote sensing data.

WP2: Real emission using Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS)

RDE legislation would require RDE-testing to complement the laboratory type-approval tests for all new vehicles on European Road from Sept., 2019. PEMS constitutes an obligatory element of the Euro 6d and Euro 6d-temp emission testing. However, RDE testing utilising PEMS is not necessary to be published and completed for individual vehicles. The requirement to publish RDE data only applies to the PEMS test families covering vehicle types. WP2 focusses on developing guidelines for this adaptation and for developing emission rates (RD-EF2) using PEMS data for vehicle test families.

WP3: Emission modelling considering real driving

Using the set of real-driving EFs (RD-EF 1 & 2) generated from WP1 & WP2, an integrated street-level traffic emission model will be developed. This model can be used for scenario based policy impact analysis. The scenarios considering modernisation of emission standards, fleet renewal, other emission mitigation techniques such as, eco-driving, speed restrictions in certain zones, pedestrianisation of streets (College Green) etc. will be modelled.

WP4: Concentration modelling considering real driving

WP4 aims to develop an integrated street-level concentration model considering real-driving in Dublin. The concentration levels of a set of pollutants including PM2.5 & 10, NOx (NO & NO2), CO, CO2, NH3 will be modelled and relative hourly, daily and seasonal changes in concentration levels will be compared with the relative changes in concentration measured from the EPA monitoring stations especially the road-side ones. The relative changes may indicate the contribution of traffic changes to air pollution notwithstanding the changes in other sources.

WP5: Communication

WP6: Project management, coordination and deliverables