About the project

The REDMAP project aims to measure, model and project real vehicular emission levels of key pollutants (including NO, NO2, PM and Ammonia) from in-use vehicles in Dublin. Emissions from real-world driving are often higher than estimated emission levels presented in the national inventory based on Euro emissions standards and type-approval tests; consequently the air quality in cities has not improved as originally anticipated from fleet renewal and stringent emission regulations. To address this discrepancy, this project will measure real world emissions using RS and PEMS. The real-world emission contribution of different vehicles considering Euro standard, fuel type, make, and categories and vehicle modifications will be utilised to improve the existing emission inventory generated using literature values. A new traffic-emission model and paired air quality model estimating pollutant concentrations will be formulated based on real-world emission factors (RD-EF).

The project is funded by Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland and Department of Transport Ireland.